Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You Gotta Have Faith. ..

Life is rolling along. ...The road is a bit bumpy at the moment. ...we are trying to find a new place to live and this has proven to be an incredibly daunting task.   But we are doing our best to keep our spirits up and not lose hope. continue to be positive in a very negative environment.   Hard stuff. ...
I still want to stress that gratitude is the most important part of keeping positive energy flowing. ..In the face of so much negativity. many roadblocks. ...being grateful for what you already have. ...even if it is next to nothing. have yourself,  and you have people that care about you. ...and you have your faith. ..whether it be religious faith, faith in the universe,  faith in yourself and your loved ones. period! 
During this rough patch on my path I have had to come to terms with my inner self. ...The 'S' box, for example. ...and my fear of trusting someone besides myself. I have had to allow myself to put my faith and trust in the man I love. ...and he's a really good man and we have a monumental love. ..yet it wasn't easy for me to just put my faith in him....not his fault. ...just my issue (can't imagine where that comes from.!)
I will say that it takes a whole lot of realizing the Buddhist concept that there is no ground under our feet. safety net....that we have to trust in the here and now and that the universe will see to guiding us on this seemingly pathless path toward what is best....a BIG chunk of trust.  So I have had to practice this concept. ....and it is not easy.   Also the concept of non-doing. .. .as mostly all I can do is wait, and put out all the positive energy that I can muster that everything will work out and be "okay"....
Starting a new life is full of roadblocks, detours, and surprises. ...but, if its where you want to be, then you figure out how to handle the inevitable chaos. ...and you keep the faith! 
I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving.....namaste! 

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