Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Apologies....

Yes, I must apologize for my absence from blogging....I have no real excuse, although there have been so many lessons and epiphanies since I last posted back in January, and I have tried to document as much as possible.  

For this post, I just want to share this inspirational writing that I vomited up on February was a week of learning some really important lessons, and this writing was the beginning of this extremely transformational time, so I will share and also i will share the subsequent lessons that sprang from taking my own advice....


Let Go....Let Go....Let Go!

Open up - open the heart, soul, mind 
Look inside - seek and you shall find

Open up and let go - no  need to be alarmed that there is no safety net.  There is no ground beneath your feet.
Let go - let go of each selfish thought or action - let go and open yourself up to the possibility that you lack nothing and your needs are easily met by the act of having faith, trust, and letting go of your ego.  Let your ego dissipate - dissolve - wash away your ego and leave yourself bare and clean - free from the constraints of "I" and "me" and even "we".
Let go, more and more; release your demons and forgive yourself.  Forgiveness is freedom; forgiveness is love.
Let go - be open to the vast Universe.
Just let your heart....see and feel the goodness, and radiate it outward to give it freely to the world.

There....I will be back tomorrow with my lessons from 2-6-15....because implementing the above was a whole lot more difficult and revealing than I expected....the ego is one powerful beast, for sure.

Until then, may you be filled with and surrounded by peace.  Namaste.