Friday, December 5, 2014

Miracles Abound...

It has taken me a few days to get back to writing.  So much has come to pass and is still in the offing that its hard to put things down into words, for fear that it will somehow 'jinx' something...but no, I will keep the faith, the trust, the positivity.
Facing the idea of being thrown out of our 'home', a basement, really got me freaked out to the point of finally just giving up and giving in and putting myself into the hands of my love and of the Universe. There was certainly no wind left in my sails.
Having to make a leave this state and return to take a heartbroken freshman out of high school mid-year....seemed like the only answer for us, as we could find nothing to rent in this town.  Nothing...
Enter the miracles....
A house that a neighbor's family owns and is being vacated as I type....what will be our new and first real home together as a newly formed family....was dropped into our laps about five minutes before we were going to reserve a u-haul trailer for the journey eastward.  Our limited budget and urgent time constraint seemed something that would make this house impossible, we waited....and as it turned out, every single thing came together and unless something unthinkable happens, we'll be in our new home this time next week.
A surprise phone call from someone who was wanting to help us monetarily...a few minutes before we were set to call him.
A reprieve from our 'landlord' from being evicted and being forced to seek shelter during the interim between the end of November and the move-in date to our new place.
I have always believed in miracles....have seen so many things that can't be explained....and I can't express enough gratitude for the angels that have come to our rescue and for the Universe's generosity.
I know that it is a miracle in itself that I'm alive and undamaged from the big "S" in 2011.  I know that I had heavy karmic dues to pay, and pay I have, for taking my own life and hurting so many people.  I also know that I have a job to do out in the world.  I have books to write that will hopefully help  a lot of people.  I have good deeds to do, people to help, projects to finish, and as many other ways as I can come up with to fight the good fight in this world that I was not meant to leave.
Right now, every day is a miracle to me....every moment a precious reminder that life is what you make it, no matter your surroundings or situation.  I realize more than ever that I have purpose; that I count.  And I hold my breath that nothing will fall through....that we will have our home soon....and I can get busy with life again instead of feeling like I'm just existing.
Many people spent the month of November giving thanks for something each day.  I had to work hard to find those 'somethings', as all people do when things in their lives become too dire, too stressful, too seemingly impossible.  But I have kept my gratitude, my appreciation, my hope....and I will continue to be grateful every day and to try and do something good, meaningful, special...even if it seems mundane and negligible....because I know that no act of goodness or kindness is lost on the world.
My point today....miracles exist....the Universe does please, pay willing to be humble, and grateful, for even the smallest things.  Just as each of us is significant, each little thing we do, we give, we significant as well.
So I am carefully sharing my miracles with that, in case you weren't aware, you can see that miracles do happen, and that they can happen to anyone.  I think the key is gratitude....for all that you have and all that you don't happy!

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