Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Hey there!  I guess I seem to have fallen and I couldn't get up!  No, nothing so serious here....just too much going on at once to have the luxury of doing just this!  Crazy!
Okay, here's the crazy....we're moving back to North Carolina in about 3 weeks or maybe a tad less....and so all of the things leading up to such a life-changing event and all of the stress and happiness involved....ugh!  It has been a strange time, and it has taken a great deal of patience; and still is, for that matter.
I have to say, though, that through all of this, I have had the 'S' solution pop into my head, and each time it has been simple to tell it to go back from whence it came....not interested in dying....I'm way more interested in FINALLY living!!!!
This is my do-over; and I am sharing it with my beloved, and we are moving one step closer to our dream lifestyle.  It is very exciting, indeed.  
Also, I FINALLY have a court date for my disability hearing....after waiting patiently (for the most part, anyway) for over two years.  So I would be traveling to NC anyway for the hearing, but given that our rent was going up here, and we haven't been doing anything but existing prior to any increase....we decided we may as well move now, while the moving is good, and get the teenager in a good school (she has been taking all of this very well, in spite of the fact that she'll be leaving her first beau!, so I'm really proud of our daughter....smart girl!), and us in an area so that our rent is basically cut in half, we will be among friends and family, and be able to enjoy the beach and the mountains and have something left over to have a life....be able to go out to lunch....the little things!
So, I feel great....this is a big deal for me.... to FINALLY be able to conquer the idea of the 'S' Solution!  To feel able to move forward, truly toward even better things.  
I hope you were looking to be cheered up, since this is definitely an upbeat post. What can I say?  I'm happy!!  The family is happy!  I doubt that my ex is happy....I just emailed him today regarding our move, to let him know that I have no plans to ruin his life or bother him and that we'll be on the other side of the county from him.  He will have to deal with it!  It will be interesting, since I know of at least a couple of lies he has told our kids, and I will be around to defend myself from now on.  Maybe he'll move.  That would be okay.  But I honestly have nothing but good wishes for the man, even after everything.  I want nothing more than to see him find himself and find some happiness.  It just won't be with me!!
I shall go for now!  I will keep you posted....I have some packing to do!!  Namaste'!

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