Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where I've Been. ...and I Could Use Your Help

I know. ...where in the hell have I been??!!!
I am in my version of heaven, or paradise.   We live on an island now, part of North Carolina's unique and spectacular outer banks.  We live in a camper that is set permanently in a campground community.   The people are all salt-of-the-earth, blue collar, wonderful folks.  They are very accepting of us, and I already feel that some of these people are family.  They reciprocate, too!  We fit in here, and we are each finding that we belong here. 
We spent the first month with my mom....which was hard for everyone in some ways, but we also found good things and had good times.   I feel closer to my mom than ever....and I miss her now that we are 3 hours away from each other.  But I will be able to visit soon, and she will come to visit us at some point, and she'll love it here, too.
We've had to learn to live together in a small space, and it really is okay.  When you have the ocean 96 steps from your door, you realize that you're never really closed in.  It is a great experience so far.
Now, there have been stressful times, dark days, and times I considered getting in my truck and leaving.  But I don't want that. I am learning to be adult about different things and to be patient with myself and those around me.  I guess I have come to embrace the good and the bad and the rest.  Life is worth living. ...I want to live it.  This is a huge deal for a suicide survivor.
I will be posting on a regular basis from here on....I still have a great deal that I want to share with you.   I will soon start my books. ...I will also be designing and starting to have retreats for suicide survivors. ...for family and friends of survivors. ...and for those who have lost someone to suicide.   I will be using the environment here as well as helping people find the spirituality that will be most helpful for them.   I have so many ideas and I realize that there are many people that I can help. ...that I can reach.   I want to do this very much. ...
Any ideas or advice you might like to contribute to me would be greatly appreciated.  I would LOVE to hear your story.  Your story may help someone choose living over dying.   It might help a parent or child or friend come to a better understanding of what happened to their loved one.
If you don't want to contact me through the blog,  please feel free to contact me via email at
I would love to have more to go on than just myself and my story.
Thanks in advance. ...
Now I must get to bed. . .a pirate needs rest, too!  May peace be with you. .. 

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