Monday, June 24, 2013

...Then the Tree House Was Full...

I am home now, and wanted to let you know about the second week in the tree completely different from the first, yet full of lessons and opportunities for loving-kindness.
So after a week of solitude, with only a couple of trips to 'town', my friends returned from their vacation on Friday night.  About twenty minutes later, the van full of travelers returning from Germany via Newark also arrived.  So where there had been me....there were seven people. But it was okay, other than there being times of too many in a room, mostly we were able to distribute ourselves around the place without issue.  The mother-in-law went home on Saturday morning, leaving my friend's sister and her two youngest sons, 11 and 13.  Now she is also a soul sister and soul family member to me, so it was great to spend time with her.
And she had much to teach me...she was facing the first anniversary of her husband's death (which she made it through with flying colors earlier this week), and not sure how she wanted to be, where she wanted to be, who she wanted to be with.  We talked alot about life and death, and i finally told her my whole story, and how it made me feel, knowing that i had wanted so desperately to die, and how her husband had wanted so desperately to live.  She made me feel so humble and strong at the same time.  She is working so hard to be all things to her boys and keep herself together too.  It was good to see her let herself have fun and laugh with us and just be.  I think after the trip, and all of the mix of personalities involved, she needed the kind of downtime that she got at the tree house.  I made sure that she got alot of uninterrupted time with her sister, and so I got to spend some time with my soul brother.  I couldn't imagine not having him in my family.
So we spent the week shopping and feeding ourselves and each and love and unconditional was good.  I came home on Tuesday, driving all day through one rainstorm after another.  It was exhausting and I was so very glad when I made it home.  I miss my friends already...we are so connected and it is hard to be so far from them.  but it is good...I love my home and was glad to get back...I have much to do, to get ready for some upcoming events where I will be selling my art.
I am quietly inspired by my experiences while away....I will weave that into all that I do as I journey through this world this week....I hope you have someone or something that inspires you and helps to keep you going...if you don't, try to find it, as it will make a huge difference in your sense of yourself and your wellbeing....much peace to you...

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