Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just a Quickie!!

I just wanted to tell everyone, anyone....don't be satisfied until you find the right doctors for you!  After waiting five months for my ex-GP to refer me to a rheumatologist, I had a serendipitous occasion to change doctors.  On that day, my new doctor referred me to the rheumatologist that I had seen years before and wanted to go back to.  That was a Friday afternoon, and on Monday afternoon, the appointment person called to set up an appointment with said rheumatologist, which I was lucky enough to get within the same month.
My appointment was yesterday.  My rheumatologist spent probably 45 minutes with me, talking, listening, and believe it or not...caring!  We discussed my trajectory of getting off of the oxycontin/codone train, which is a miserable and painful trip...but I'm more than halfway there now.  After this week things should be easier, but this week will suck!   But she was very happy to help and to support me in such an honest and caring and knowledgeable me a plan A and a plan B....I was like, wow!, options!!!
We discussed changing my fibromyalgia meds once I am clear of the narcotics.  A couple of them also have antidepressant and/or anti-anxiety benefits along with the physical benefits.  She asked if she could talk to my psychiatrist about her opinion and so that they could work TOGETHER (yeah, shocking, huh?) to head me in the right direction with the meds.  And here is the best part....the rheumatologist's assistant called me yesterday ( yes, the same day as my appointment) to verify info on contacting my psychiatrist.  Even though my follow-up isn't for a few weeks.
I am so very impressed!!  So very happy and relieved and I just want to share that with you, because the old me wouldn't even be trying to get off the oxy's; she'd just get more and try to stay as numb as possible...
and while numb sounds fantastic right now (my skin hurts, if that helps explain how it is) I know that it won't always be this way and that I am doing the right thing for my body and myself.
I am thankful to the Universe for whatever part it has played in clearing this path for of several paths that have been cleared for me recently as I journey through my year of healing.
So if you aren't getting what you want or need from your present practitioners, change are not just a patient, you are a customer, too!

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